Pathology Testing, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candling, Nutrition.

Margaret Boyd-Squires
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Margaret uses herbs, vitamins and minerals, dietary and lifestyle advice, functional pathology and other comprehensive screening tools, lymphatic drainage and iridology in her practice.  


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Margaret will draw on the following modalities to treat each patient.

Screening tools

Margaret is trained to utilise screening tools to help recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status. She will provide you with an individualised report of findings. This is a clear overview of the results of your screening and the importance of these to your health. This screening is an optional tool which is often carried out at the initial appointment and at any time during the treatment. It allows you and your practitioner to see the positive effects that your diet, lifestyle and supplemental program is having on your health. Through this screening Margaret may be able to develop more effective health strategies tailor-made for you.

Pathology testing

Pathology tests such as  SIBO and FODMAP breath testing, food intolerance testing, genetic testing, functional liver detoxification tests, adrenal function tests, hormonal tests, CDSA stool tests (a comprehensive test to look at your microbiome, digestion and any parasite, fungus or bacterial overgrowth) These and many other functional and general pathology tests will be ordered by Margaret and called upon as necessary as part of diagnosis and preventative care.


Helps to determine the patient’s inherent weaknesses, personality traits and levels of toxicity.

Herbal Medicine

The use of herbs to treat organs and systems of the body which are found to be overloaded and where inherent weaknesses lie. Involves taking a small amount of a liquid herbal tincture with water or juice, or in cases where tinctures are inappropriate, tablets will be used. When used in the appropriate doses and under a naturopath's direction, herbal medicine is extremely effective.

Vitamins and Minerals

These days people are becoming more and more vitamin and mineral deficient and consequently, Margaret will often prescribe nutrients in tablet or powder form to correct imbalances. She will draw on any provided blood tests, Zinc tally - a zinc screening test performed on all patients, the patients symptom picture which points to deficiencies, physical observations such as the nails and her years of experience to decide on which nutrients are required and at what dosage. She endeavours to keep supplements to a minimum and to choose only the most important supplements so that the patient doesn't feel overburdened with the cost and also with the taking of too many supplements

Diet and lifestyle

Margaret believes that diet and lifestyle are the most important factors in preventing and treating illnesses. She follows a regime of healthy diet and exercise herself and so is recommending protocols that she believes in and practices. Sometimes a specific diet needs to be followed eg detox diet, liver cleansing diet, gluten free diet or avoiding preservatives in a child with excema. She will specify the amount of time the diet needs to be followed for and you will be given an instruction sheet to follow. Many people just need general advice about diet and for Margaret to highlight the most important foods to avoid in order to reinstate balance in the body.

Heavy metal and minerals testing

To asess the levels of minerals and heavy metals in the body and determine if depletion or heavy metal toxicity are playing a part in symptoms such as tiredness, hair loss or autoimmune disease.

Lymphatic drainage

A gentle form of massage which will be used when the lymphatic system is overloaded and congested. There is an immediate feeling of well being after the treatment and it often results in the removal of toxins from the body. Margaret’s lymphatic drainage is renowned and draws on many years of practical experience.

Ear Candling

A gentle technique which helps to clean the ear and remove lymphatic congestion caused by blockages in the ear. Margaret has been practicing ear candling for 25 years and has kept using it because she finds it so successful. She uses a medical otiscope to check exactly what is going on in the ear and is very careful in how she performs the technique.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences will be drawn upon when necessary to deal with emotional imbalances and nutritional supplements such as Spirulina, Lecithin and psyllium husks will be spoken about as Margaret believes that making changes through nutrition is the most self-empowering way to keep your body healthy in the long term.

Margaret also provides mentoring for students, new graduates and practitioners. As a practitioner with over 25 years experience, she believes in passing on to others the knowlege she has gained through her busy practice.

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Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy
Diploma of Applied Science - Naturopathy
Certificate of Relaxation Massage

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