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Author and naturopath with over 2 decades of experience ready to help you on your journey to better health.

About Margaret

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Margaret is a naturopath with over 25 years experience in the prevention and treatment of health problems. She uses herbs, vitamins and minerals, dietary and lifestyle advice, functional pathology and other comprehensive screening tools, lymphatic drainage and iridology in her practice.

Margaret began studying Naturopathy in 1991 both out of interest and from a need to treat a number of illnesses she suffered from through childhood and early adulthood. She has successfully treated these illnesses and has continued to practice preventative medicine on herself and her family ever since.

Seeing a naturopath who has used similar treatments on herself and has an understanding of what it is like to be unwell helps the overall treatment outcome. This combined with many years experience ensures her ongoing success. Margaret spends time with each patient explaining exactly what she wants them to do or take and why so that they have full understanding of the regime. It is much easier for a patient to follow a treatment plan if they understand what they are taking and why. She also teaches the patient what to do if symptoms happen in the future so that the patient can empower themselves to prevent problems recurring. She has no problem answering any questions about the treatment and actually prefers it because it usually means the patient is taking charge of their own health.

More recently, Margaret has become an author with the release of her first book 'Feel Great and Look Your Best: Anti-Inflammatory Recipes'. See to buy the book or to have a look at some sample pages. The book focuses on how to reduce inflammation, lose weight and look and feel better. It contains down to earth advice as well as delicious recipes to make eating an anti-inflammatory diet easy.


"Hi Margaret
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for getting me back on track after reaching one of my lowest times. After my visit with you the other day I’ve been exercising at least once a day and putting on make up again and remembering part of what used to make me feel good (trying to fill that cup back up). Along with taking all the right things it has helped me feel somewhat human again.
You explain things in a way that makes complete sense and helps me understand why my body wasn’t functioning at its best.
Basically you are a legend!

Thanks, Lisa ?x"
-Lisa Partis

"I came to see Margaret, from a friend’s recommendation. Over the last 20 years I had four separate and different types of operations and my GP said there was nothing they could do to help other than more interventions. This was not acceptable as they simply had not worked. Also they had left me at times requiring iron transfusions and infusions.

From the moment I met Margaret she provided empathy and knowledge to help. After nine months of following Margarets advice, the aftermath of the last operation is under control and I feel I have my life back.

The reason for this is Margaret gave me a solution which has brought my issues back to a manageable situation and enhanced my life for the future.

I recommend Margaret very highly, don’t hesitate to engage her if you are looking for permanent solutions to issues that others say cannot be fixed. Simply Thank you Margaret, I am extremely grateful."
- Anonymous

"I presented to Margaret in July 2015 with many ailments but the biggest being my severe Crohns Disease. After 4 months of seeing her I have felt better than I have in years. She has educated me about food and its properties and helped me get on top of my Crohns by really thinking about what I am putting into my body. Last week (November 2015) I was given the fantastic news by my Gastroenterologist that I am in clinical remission for the very first time in almost 4 years!! Margaret’s role in this has been pivotal and I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. I highly recommend Margaret and her services."
- Bianca Dowell, Ballarat East

"Margaret is very professional and extremely well informed, not only about the latest treatments, supplements and diagnostic techniques, but also about interactions with pharmaceuticals. She gives an excellent evaluation of one's symptoms and then suggests the most efficacious remedies with a sensitive eye to one's finances and proclivities. She is nevertheless firm concerning what she thinks will be of most benefit and i felt immediate confidence in her judgment. Some months and several consultations later, my health has been completely turned around with the supplements and other remedies and lifestyle change suggestions. The latest technology, such as live blood analysis and mineral levels and heavy metal toxicity test, are a big plus in her diagnostic toolkit. I am recommending her to my family and friends and believe that she can make a big difference to their health and quality of life as well. Thank you Margaret!
- Wendy, North Melbourne

"I first came to Margaret Boyd-Squires as a young first time mother in a very depleted health state 14 years ago. I had been diagnosed with a large breast abscess for which I was hospitalized and treated with IV antibiotics. I recovered but my energy remained very low and no sooner after getting over an upper respiratory virus, I would succumb to another one. I had developed an aberration in my immune system, for which a specialist recommended transfusions with gamma globulins and prompt treatment with antibiotics!. My mother's long time friend suggested trying Naturopathy. Margaret treated me with herbal medicine, gradually weaning me off the antibiotics and making dietary modifications and including supplements (vitamins and minerals) for my depleted state. My immune system became stronger and I was able to fight off the infections without antibiotics.

Six months later at a follow-up check with the specialist, he reported that the immune aberration had reversed completely!! My family has attended Margaret ever since, and she has healed any ailments quickly and without any complications. I recently tore two ligaments in my ankle for which surgery was recommended, and was back to walking and excercising after a programme of supplements and Margaret's skilful massage. Over the years Margaret has taught us how to become "in tune" with our bodies - and how to look after our health. In fact my daughter had a routine blood test recently and the doctor commented that she was "the most biochemically healthy teenager he had ever seen!". We rarely need to consult a G.P. these days as Margaret is our primary health care practitioner. I have had occasion to recommend Margaret to many friends and acquaintances who have all enjoyed the same great success that our family has experienced. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and in the ancient philosopher Virgil's words "the greatest wealth is health". Margaret has certainly been our best health insurance policy."
- Mary Forbes, Balywn

"I had been experiencing hormonal imbalances resulting in uterine fibroids, PMS and fatigue for some years. The options available to me through mainstream medication were "band-aid" style fixes which did not appear to address the root cause of the problems. I was also concerned about the long term effects of popping pills for years on end. Margaret’s understanding of my situation immediately demonstrated her experience in dealing with similar cases and inspired confidence in her ability to treat it. The treatment she prescribed included herbs, vitamin supplements, lymphatic drainage and lifestyle modifications. Within a month of starting the treatment my husband and I noticed visible improvement in my health, particularly a dramatic reduction in PMS. With each passing month I noticed significantly higher energy levels. An ultra-sound scan has also confirmed the efficacy of the treatment. Margaret has also since treated me for a variety of ailments such as chicken pox, influenza, allergies and so on. When addressing a problem she always explains what the possible causes might be. I find this particularly useful as sometimes a contributing factor is a lifestyle choice which can be easily amended. She also outlines the recommended treatment in detail so that I can take ownership for my health and feel more committed to adhering to the regime. Margaret is caring, compassionate, professional and committed. Through her care my health and consequently my family’s quality of life has improved. Without a doubt she is one of the blessings in my life!."
- Malini Jayaganesh, Patterson Lakes

"I was a very active person from a young age but a shoulder injury which took 5 years to "fix" stopped me in my tracks. From that point my health was never the same and I couldn't push myself out of my comfort zone as I kept getting sick. Mainstream doctors would run blood tests and tell me there was nothing wrong and that I was fine - which I knew wasn't true. One of the best decisions I've ever made was going to see Margaret. From the very first consultation I had complete trust in her - my head was spinning from all the information she had just given me, but I knew I was on the right track. Margaret got me on to a detox program, altered my diet and I noticed a massive shift in my mood, sleeping pattern and overall well-being within a few weeks. My partner was very relieved and impressed! I've been seeing Margaret for over 2 years now, my health continues to improve with assistance of herbs, supplements and massage therapy and I'm able to push myself out of my comfort zone again. At the moment Margaret is helping me deal with sinus issues my GP told me I didn't have, or would just give me antibiotics for. It's now deep seeded and harder to sort out but it's on the improve with another detox program, herbs, netti pot and more dietary changes. It takes dedication and commitment on my part but when you see or feel an improvement you want to stick with it. I have no doubt we'll be able to deal with this issue in no time. Margaret has a wealth of knowledge and has taught me how to manage my overall health better. She has a very down-to-earth "tell it as it is" approachable nature which I appreciate & respect. Margaret, thanks for everything you've done for me - you made such a massive impact on my life and well-being."
- Simonne Priestley, Kew East

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Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy
Diploma of Applied Science - Naturopathy
Certificate of Relaxation Massage
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